About Kent

headshot of kent clothier

Kent Clothier is a real estate investor and the founder and CEO of Real Estate Worldwide. He and his family have purchased and sold over 2,500 properties and manage over 2,000 properties through Memphis Invest, one of Tennessee’s biggest property management companies. He also has experience with rental and commercial properties as well.

Through Real Estate Worldwide, Kent has the ability to share his knowledge to other like-minded individuals who are looking to become real estate entrepreneurs. The company offers various products and services that help budding investors find cash buyers, motivated sellers, private lenders, and more.

One of the real estate investment strategies that Kent is a big fan of in is wholesaling. He believes that when it is done right, wholesaling real estate is one of the best strategies to make fast and low-risk money in the current market. Kent has pioneered the idea of “reverse wholesaling” which essentially means to find cash buyers before finding a property that fits that they are looking for. This method is not only a more efficient use of your time as well as your buyers time, but it lets you move quickly once you find a property to put under contract.

There are many reasons why Kent is a big proponent of wholesaling for investors of all experience levels. Wholesaling allows you to earn income with a low amount of capital or credit by buying below market value and selling below market value. When wholesaling you don’t take ownership of a property, instead you put the house under contract and assign it to your end buyer to close the deal. This means that there is very little risk and you put little to no money down.

Kent Clothier is very passionate about teaching wholesaling to new and experienced investors. Through Real Estate Worldwide he plans on continuing to provide great products that will help others learn this strategy or take it to the next level. Kent believes that when you achieve success it is your responsibility to pass it on to others and this is going to continue being his mission for some time to come.