A Peek At Why Wholesaling Is So Powerful

Obviously many of you know that I’m a BIG fan of wholesaling real estate and recommend it as one of the best ways for newcomers in the industry to start making money and scale it into a business. We are talking about a strategy that requires little to no capital to get started, and at its essence is basically three simple steps.

I’ve got a ton of stuff out there online about wholesaling and plan on sharing a lot of tips here as well. Today I thought it would be great to share a video clip of a talk I gave about the process of wholesaling and why it’s so powerful. We had a great crowd of real estate entrepreneurs and the energy was tremendous. It’s great being around so many people with a similar mindset and a desire to make things happen.

In the video I give some valuable insight into the current state of the real estate investment industry and the number of cash buyers that are out there on the market right now (you’ll definitely be surprised by the number). I also go into the simplicity of the process and share a bit more on the number of deals we are doing each year.

The profit you can make on a wholesale deal when you execute it properly is pretty impressive. 20k in profit is a regular margin for us right now and it’s something you can easily earn for yourself once you get rolling. There’s no need to make things overly complicated in the real estate industry when you have options like wholesaling and a market that is very conducive to making these kinds of deals.

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